Verify your ads that have been placed on multiple websites and differ by location are correct so you deliver the right ads to target audiences.

  • Automatically Audit Ad Placements
  • Deliver Accurate Messaging
  • Connect with Target Audiences

Scan the web and get alerts when copyrighted content is being used on websites without permission, allowing you to take appropriate action.

  • Continuously Scan the Web
  • Protect Copyrighted Content
  • Improve Brand Management
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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Internet technology evolves quickly, requiring brands to adapt their digital marketing to prevent getting left behind. Adretreaver is a software company that creates innovative and accurate solutions to give brands more confidence with their digital marketing by helping them stay ahead of the curve. Whether you need to verify web ad placements or protect copyright content, our tools will help your brand thrive online.

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Accuracy Powered by Innovation

Adretreaver creates forward-thinking solutions brands need for successful digital marketing in the fast-changing world of internet technology. Most of the programs we develop haven’t been created before, making our products some of the most innovative on the market. Use our Ad Verification auditing tool to ensure the correct ads are displayed on multiple websites or protect your brand with Content Catcher to scan the web for copyrighted content.

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