Scan the Web for Your Content

Protect your copyrighted content with Content Shield, a scanning tool that continuously searches the web to catch websites that are using your content illegally. We developed this tool to help brands defend their content against online plagiarism.

The tool’s findings will allow you to take appropriate action against websites that are using your copyrighted content without permission. Get more value out of your content by knowing which websites it’s on and managing its distribution more effectively.

How Content Shield Works

Content Shield is essential for brands who need to safeguard their copyrighted content from online misuse. Simply input the content you’ve published into Content Shield and the tool automatically scans the web for it. The tool delivers the scan results which you can use to take action against websites that are using your content illegally, such as cease and desist orders or litigation. Generate a higher ROI on your copyrighted content by controlling its online distribution. 

  • Protects copyrighted content
  • Increases the content’s value
  • Saves time and resources
  • Eliminates manual searching
  • Provides detailed documentation

Accuracy Powered by Innovation

Online plagiarism is an issue every brand faces as it grows but with Adretreaver, you’re not defenseless against it. That’s why we built Content Shield to provide brands with the crucial information they need to protect their copyrighted content from illegal use. Another forward-thinking solution we offer is Ad Verification, an auditing tool that helps digital marketers check and verify hundreds of ads across multiple websites to ensure the right ad is displayed for each audience.

How we’re able to achieve accurate and innovative products is by experimenting with new technologies and rigorously testing our software. Although there are few competitors that offer the kind of products we have, our pricing is competitive in the market so your dollar stretches further. Additionally, we strive for service excellence by being responsive to your needs and committing to full transparency.

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