Auditing Tool for Web Ad Placements

Achieve greater accuracy with web ad placements and connect to target audiences with Ad Verification. We created this auditing tool to help digital marketers check and verify their ads across hundreds of websites, improving accuracy and saving time.

With the tool, you’ll be able to make sure that the correct ads are being displayed for multiple websites and geographical areas so the right ad is delivered to each audience. Drive more traffic and conversions by always showing accurate and relevant messaging.

How Ad Verification Works

Ad Verification is an auditing tool ideal for digital marketers who manage ad placements across hundreds of websites and locations. The tool automatically audits your ads across numerous websites and screen captures every placement. Then it provides that log back to you so you can check what’s being displayed against your buys to ensure that the correct ad is being displayed for each placement. Improve your campaign’s results and engage more prospects with precise messaging.

  • Improves ad accuracy
  • Reduces wasted ad spend
  • Saves time and resources
  • Eliminates manual auditing
  • Makes reporting easier

Accuracy Powered by Innovation

Internet technology evolves fast which is why Adretreaver creates innovative and responsive solutions, like Ad Verification, to give brands more accuracy with their digital marketing. Another cutting-edge product we offer is Content Catcher, which scans the web for your copyrighted content that’s being used on websites without permission and sends you an alert when detected. From there, you can take appropriate action to protect your brand.

To ensure you get the best products possible, we continuously experiment with new technologies and rigorously test our software. Not only are we passionate about innovation and accuracy, but we’re also committed to giving every customer white-glove service. This means being responsive to your needs and promoting transparency with customers and employees. While there are few competitors that offer the kind of products we have, our pricing is competitive in the market so you get even more value.

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