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Innovative and Responsive Software

AdRetreaver is a dedicated team of solutions providers that creates products so dynamically future forward, brands are unaware of their need, until it is placed in front of them.

Whether you’re searching for a way to verify the right website ad placements for multiple geo locations, protect copyrighted content from illegal use, get your original content, music, or your business ranked higher in searches, our innovative, custom solutions will guarantee you stay ahead of your competition.

In the fast-changing world of internet technology, brands need innovative and agile solutions to stay at the forefront market trends.

New technologies are popping up constantly, requiring brands to adapt quickly or risk getting left behind.

Our products give you confidence with your digital marketing by helping you overcome these hurdles so your brand can thrive in any digital space.

  • Responsive Service
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Continuous Learning
  • 100% Transparency


To ensure every brand connects to its target audience through accurate, innovative, and responsive solutions.


Automatically audit and verify web ad placements, and scan the web for copyrighted content.


We’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive a quality product and white-glove service.

Our Company

AdRetreaver's Values

Responsive Service

Our customers come from a wide range of industries yet they all choose us because our products and service are unparallel. We’re very responsive to their needs and work tirelessly to resolve issues. Additionally, we offer a competitive price in the market and there are few competitors that offer the kind of products that we have.

Rigorous Testing

To increase the reliability and effectiveness of our products, we rigorously test our software. Various combinations of test scenarios and test data are employed to find possible flaws and remove them before the product goes live. Our team is passionate about providing customers the best user experience possible.

Continuous Learning

We experiment with new technologies to create truly innovative solutions. Most of the programs we develop haven’t been created before and our team is always up to the challenge by continuously learning about emerging technologies. We also encourage our team members to speak up to improve our products and reward them well for excellent work.

100% Transparency

Adretreaver is dedicated to full transparency because, without open communication, we wouldn’t be able to deliver quality products and responsive service. Whether it’s listening to customer feedback or being upfront with our employees, we believe honest conversations make our products better and our company stronger.

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